A single partner to whom you can entrust all your requests to develop your business. From brand awareness to e-commerce, from import-export to advertising campaigns, from Blockchain to augmented reality, from Real Estate investment to Crypto currencies, From Lead Generation to loyalty systems. Laken Group always has a solution ready for you.




Tokenization of company

Editorial writing

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Native ads



If you are looking for website, e-commerce, leadgeneration or newspapers articles, you are in the right place. We will take care of your corporate image and make your company known trough facebook ads, google ads, linkedin ads or newspapers articles all over the world.


Here are the advantages of leadgeneration:

  • Have a customizable system that automatically generates new customers night and day transforming up to 54% of visitors into leads.
  • Automatically transform the visitors of your leadgeneration into social ambassadors of your business
  • Create not only visibility but an “active interception system” of customers interested in your company who leave their data to be contacted by you.

We apply Blockchain technology to customized projects, according to your needs. Do you know why it is very important?
Having a Blockchain technology is like having a virtual notary who certifies and guarantees the authenticity of transactions of any kind. Every transaction becomes immutable and protected from any professional hacker attack.


We are able to create your new cryptocurrency directly linked to the validity of your business. This allows you to sell your company’s shares using your cryptocurrency in the new emerging world of Blockchain.


We create editorial ads that talk about your business and present it to thousands of readers around the world. We distribute your content on thousands of newspapers and news sites creating attention and curiosity in the reader thanks to tailor-made and high quality articles.


By harnessing the power of social networks, we give popularity to your company by creating customized campaigns that highlight your core business and your company policy.


From design to the development of your e-commerce, we are always at your side to accompany you in the world of the online shop.


We optimize the content of your site for search engines to improve its indexing and positioning.


Native advertising (or native advertising) is a form of advertising on the world wide web which, to generate interest in users, takes on the aspect of the contents of the site on which it is hosted. The goal is to reproduce the user experience of the context in which it is positioned both in appearance and content. Unlike traditional advertising, which distracts the reader from the content to communicate a message, native advertising completely drops advertising within a context without interrupting the user’s activity, since it takes on the same appearance of the content, becoming part of it, amplifying its meaning and capturing the attention of the potential consumer. We do all this for you.


From Google Ads to advertising graphics, we constantly assist you in advertising your company, presenting it both on the web and locally through the best systems on the market.

    Onchain Export

Properties Trading


Blockchain Property Trade

Blockchain Project

B4B Planet

All Aspects

We develop and apply technological solutions at the service of the business. We are an innovative company specializing in the creation of tokens, customized Blockchain platforms, ICOs/IEOs/STOs aimed at business development, fund raising and the acquisition and maintenance of new customers.  


The customer service is amazing. Very intelligent, polite, quick to answer, and helpful. I recommend Laken Group to anyone looking for a Real Estate Investment, or something similar.

Willard Donovan

CEO, Alpha

The Best, Easiest, Most supported, Most powerful Group i ever worked with.. SIMPLY AMAZING. They already read my mind the demo is too close to what i needed so the website was built in minutes except my own details obviousley. I won’t forgot to mention that their customer support is amazing. Thank you very much Laken Group.

Orpha Letitia

Ceo, Beta Manufacturing

It was very nice to be followed by the Laken Group consultants. I was finally able to put my ideas to good use by finding the best solutions within my reference budget.

Alana Dyan

CEO, Horus